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Zora Knows Best

1976       Dolly Sharp

Our story opens briskly as we see Zora and Sasha, a middle-aged couple, working away in bed, as they are discussing the ad they placed in the local paper reading 'Sex Problems Solved Free of Charge". They are obviously degenerate nuts as indicated by the way they are making love. They are getting more and more excited as they try to picture what their first innocent couple might look like. This ends in a wild frenzy as the doorbell rings and the first young innocents arrive.

We see plump and pretty Florence, and super shy David enter and tell Zora that their problem is that David suffers from superfast ejaculations. Zora quickly undresses the youngsters and begins a very unorthodox method of examination. This is to see if they are healthy in all other ways. Crazy Zora goes at Florence as if she were a juicy watermelon and quickly polishes off David, corroborating Florence's story.

The crazy couple then ask Florence and David to come into their bedroom and show them how

to make love to each other. As this takes place Zora and Sasha keep issuing instructions as they themselves are getting very charged up. The lovers culminate their second examination, and they are sent into the living room to await the outcome. Zora and Sasha go crazy as soon as the young couple are gone. The screams of the zany twosome shatter our eardrums, as we see them going wild in the bed just occupied by the innocents. They reenter the living room and explain that David's problem can be solved with a little bit of help, but he is showing slight improvement already. Just then the doorbell rings and a young Hippie couple enter by the names of Steve and Edie. Everyone is asked to disrobe and do a loosening up exercise called the Zora title Trot. After getting stoned on the weed brought by Steve and Edie, we see a crazy psychedelic dance performed by six nude nuts. We find that our Hippie couple is bored with sex. Zora suggests that they be observed in the mirrored "Groove Room" making love in the large plastic inflated chair. All four watch their carrying on and when they are through, everyone applauds and congratulates them on a job well done.

It seems they are cured by having others watch them and they vow they will only make love in front of other people from now on, possibly even go into the film world and make pornies so the whole world can watch them. Everyone is happy except Sasha, who begins to cry because Zora is having all the fun and he hasn't done anything yet. Zora gets Florence into the bedroom and tells her that Susha will help her solve David's problem by teaching her to change positions whenever she senses the orgasm growing near. Sasha goes wild teaching Florenceas Zora keeps shouting words of encouragement at Florence's ability to learn so fast and well. When Sasha is done with his part of the instruction, Zora brings David in for the final test. He does magnificently and everyone is happy. Steve and Edie join the foursome . . . . .

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Zora Knows Best

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