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Women For Sale


Teaser Storyline for Women For Sale

After exhausting almost every legal source in search of his beautiful missing wife, Michael Anderson, a test pilot, suspects foul play and arrives in Hong Kong-center of underworld traffic in white slavery-to look for her.

At first he checks with the officials. But they are as baffled as everyone else concerning the white slave ring. Through chance and seedy sources, Anderson is advised to go to the notorious ABC Club, where it is rumored many women 'imported' to perform illegal acts.

Arriving at the ABC Club, he is appalled by the number of beautiful girls who seem drugged and willing to perform any act with the male members of this "key" club. One girl, Anne, approaches him. She is an erotic dancer at another of Hong Kong's clubs where she simulates sexual movements on stage. Michael is the first man who treats her with respect. She confesses how unhappy she is, and they quickly become involved with one another.

Through Anne, Anderson discovers that

Van Dreegan, an important government official, is actually head of an international white slave ring. It is a ruthless organization that kidnaps beautiful women all over the world, drugs them, hides their nude half frozen bodies in coffins in Hong Kong morgues until they ship these coffins to Singapore by helicopter. There Van Dreegan's men brainwash the girls and torture them to submit to the organization's plans of giving them new identities.

If this process is successful, they are sold to wealthy "buyers" throughout the Orient, Middle East and other parts of the world that house men who wish to buy women for their own pleasure.

Anderson begins to crack Van Dreegan's ring, by hiring himself to him as a helicopter pilot-which involves flying the coffins filled with helpless girls to Singapore. The first time he arrives there on a "delivery," he witnesses Van Dreegan's agents brainwashing one of the girls.

Naked, she is strapped onto an operating table where she is injected with drugs to make her more suggestible to a new identity. If any of these girls are uncooperative, they are taken to Van Dreegan's modern torture chamber that has special high frequency electronic equipment. Like many other girls, this ohe resists and refuses to accept her new identity. Painfully, savagely, her brains are destroyed with the high frequency waves.

Through an unsuspecting source, Anderson discovers his wife was killed in this way when she, too, refused to cooperate. Enraged, he vows to avenge her death and to destroy Van Dreegan, the man responsible for it.

But Van Dreegan is a dangerous man who employs an equally vicious bodyguard. When one of the girls working in the ABC Club goes to the morgue on a dare to remove a jade ring from a Mandarin's corpse and discovers the live but frozen bodies of fifteen girls, the bodyguard finds her. With a whip which has a metal weight at the tip of it, he methodically and ruthlessly kills her male companion and later strangles her.

Unafraid, Anderson, in a series of violent fights and car chases throughout the ancient streets of Hong Kong, tries to capture Van Dreegan. He informs the police that Van Dreegan is the secret head of the insidious operation.

Furious with Anne for Anderson's interference, Van Dreegan rips her clothes off, violently beats her in retaliation, then tries to escape from Hong Kong. After finding out about Anne, Anderson, in a blind fury, overtakes Van Dreegan at the airport, chasing him by car. In a desperate gun battle, bullets hit the gas tank of the ruthless leader's car and it explodes.

Miraculously Van Dreegan escapes death only to return to his secret headquarters to be greeted by Anne. She attacks him with his own whip . . .

Item Details:
1-Sheet Folded

Women For Sale

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Cast of Women For Sale

Robert Woods
Veronique Ven Dell
Werner Pochath
Barbara Capell
Joe Busse
Solvy Stuebing
Michael Bulmer
Las Franzin
Ralf Wolter

Credits for Women For Sale

Photographed By Henry Jura
Produced By Wolf C. Hartwig
Directed By Ernest Farmer
Pressbook By Ren Patterson
Publicity By Mardee Kravit

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