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Sexploitation » » Erotica » Grindhouse
Wild Pussycat

1968       Gizela Dalli

Storyline Teaser for "The Wild Pussycat"

Nick C Dean Byron, beautiful, of perfect build, a conscienceless pimp and defiler of women, has driven Vera ( Kathy Impro ) a pathetic, defenseless young girl, who truly loved him, to her death, while he carries on with his newest bedmate.

Nadia (Gizela Dalli), upon hearing of her sister's sudden death, has conic to claim the only article of her inheritance, Vera's "Personal Diary". Cradling in her lap, the animal image 01 herself, a seemingly serene and sensuous white pussycat, Nadia begins to read the diary. In flashback we see her sister's debasing and horrifying relationship with Nick, Vera was forced to make love to a dirty old man in a car ss hue Nick waited outside smoking a cigarette, He forced her into an act of sodomy in full view of a lecherous voyeur. Having degraded Vera, broken her spirit by forcing her to participate in these and many other sexual perversions, Nick finally banishes her after he learns that she is

pregnant. Vera no longer wishes to live, She wanders aimlessly in the streets and is suddenly run over by an oncoming automobile.

Every page of Vera's diary is a new revelation of Nick's perversions, and every tortured experience is visualized by Nadia, She becomes obsessed with an overwhelming desire to take revenge against this defiler of her beloved sister,

She stalks Nick down by making the rounds of his favorite hangouts. Her first direct encounter is at a local bar where he is entertaining his newest "victim", From afar. their eyes meet and Nick is immediately intrigued by Nadia, tantalized by the look in her eyes, the moistened gleam of her lips. Calmly stroking her white pussycat, the fires of hate are searing within her, but her outward composure mirrors the serenity of her softly purring companion. She is flirtatious and yet indifferent and Nick is soon completely captivated by her, The moth was moving closer to the flame, the mouse closer to the hungry jaws of the cat. Nadia, now certain that her plan will work, sets the scene for their most important encounter,

In lustful anticipation of his mysterious new "conquest". Nick is punctual in arriving at Nadia's villa for the most fateful appointment of his life, She orders him a drink which he accepts, though he is already intoxicated by the warmth of her embrace and her near-naked blonde beauty. She excuses herself and closes the door. Nick passes out from the drink which has been drugged . . . and the trap is sprung.

The most bizarre scenes of a woman's scorching search for revenge unfold. Nadia has devised a torture chamber for Nick, with a two-way mirror that looks onto her bedroom. This prison is soundproof, but she has installed a speaker from her bedroom. She invites "selected" partners to partake in "selected" sexual acts with her which are meant to first excite and then demoralize him. Chained to a post like an animal, he is forced to observe through the mirror and to hear the sounds that echo Nadia's sexual prowess, His excitement, constantly frustrated, turns to torture in his hellish prison, Nadia has stopped at nothing. She even seduces his latest girlfriend,

Nadia finally celebrates her victory as hostess to an orgy, After her guests have gone, she commits the final act of robbing Nick of his male identity. Revenge has been taken ,.. witnessed only by the hypnotic eyes of the Wild Pussycat!

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Wild Pussycat

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