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They Call Her One Eye

1973       Christina Lindberg

A strikingly pretty young woman of 19, Frigga (CHRISTINA LINDBERG), only daughter of a poor farm family is mute, a silence traumatically induced by the shock of a rape attack on her when she was seven. On a day off from her chores, she misses her bus into town and accepts a ride from Tony (HEINZ HOPF), a handsome stranger who invites her to his apartment, only to drug her into unconsciousness. While she sleeps he begins a series of heroin injections, maintaining her comatose condition until she has received enough doses to be firmly addicted to the drug.
Sure of her enslavement, Tony now reveals his plans to use her as a prostitute, providing her with sufficient drug needs and a share of the proceeds from her services. But Frigga savagely attacks the first client he introduces to her room, and in retaliation, Tony stabs a scalpel into one of her eyes, blinding that side.
Now shorn of any means of escape, the girl submits to the parade of clients admitted by Tony

to her room. They are a varied lot and their demands run the gamut of erotic tastes from the normal heterogenous couplings to lesbianism, voyeurism and a camera bug.
To eliminate the possibility of a search for Frigga by her parents, Tony forges a letter to them stating that she had run away voluntarily in hatred of her life and would never return. Shocked by the language of the daughter they loved, the parents commit suicide.
On learning of Tony's villainy, Frigga vows a fierce and brutal revenge against him and all who had brought this tragedy about.
Diligently servicing the clients' every whim, Frigga amasses a considerable fortune in her little boudoir. But her days off are spent in frantic pursuit of plans for revenge.
A race car driver is employed to teach her the fine points of speed driving on all terrains; a pair of soldiers are hired to teach her the murderous blows of commando combat and a course in karate is taken to insure her proficiency at hand-to-hand fighting. With this is added training in the handling of firearms and sharp-shooting.
Now matriculated from her self-imposed education in mayhem, Frigga begins her assault on her enemies by picking off her former clients in a series of lightning attacks. One is killed at the door of his home when he responds to her ring and another two are killed at a restaurant meeting with Tony, but he escapes her vengeance for the moment.
Fearing for his life, Tony hires two gunmen to pick up her trail and stop her but they are quickly dispatched by the determined young hellion in a warehouse gun duel. Two policemen respond to the noise of the fracas but they, too, are overcome by the force of the karate attack.
Frigga now invites Tony to a duel and he quickly agrees, certain that he can trick her by a ruse. But the girl anticipates his move and manages to shoot him in the knee before he can retaliate. He is now helpless as Frigga completes her plan for his death. She buries him to his neck in the earth and places a noose around his neck tied to a horse a short distance away. She places a bucket of grain a few yards ahead of the horse and walks away while her ears ring in satisfaction to the shrieks of the young man as the horse moves forward toward the grain and pulls his head off.

Item Details:
Swedish 12x24 single-sided rolled

They Call Her One Eye

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Frigga ................. CHRISTINA LINDBERG
Tony ................... HEINZ HOPF


Produced by ................ BO A. VIBENIUS
Directed by ............... ALEX FRIDOLINSKI
Screenplay by ........... ALEX FRIDOLINSKI, BO A. VIBENIUS

A Cruel Picture

A United Producers Release
Through American International Pictures
Rating: R
Running Time: 89 Minutes, 48 Seconds
Aspect Ratio: 1 .85:1
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