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The Pleasure Game

1970       Leah James

Teaser Storyline for "The Pleasure Game"

The Porsche slows to turn off the highway, then winds quickly up the private drive and stops before the ranch style house. The young driver, DAVID, is home from college for the weekend, and with him is JENNY, a co-ed. They've planned this weekend for their first sharing of an act of love; their first intimacy. In a perfect surrounding. A moment to be remembered and cherished the rest of their lives.

David's mother, SUSAN, accepts her son's unannounced house guest as routinely as she's accepted the other strangers that have used her home over the years. SUSAN calls ROBERT, the moody man-servant, to fetch the girl's bag from the car and take it and fresh towels up to Jenny's room. Robert enters the room quietly and finds the girl standing naked before the bathroom mirror. His eyes devour her young body as she primps unaware of his presence. At last she sees his reflection, and more in anger than from modesty she screams for him

to leave. The boldness of his leering and his lack of fear of reprimand are a glimpse into the past and the future happenings of this strange home.

David's father, HARRY, arrives home in his Rolls Royce, an outward symbol of his financial success, but a facade that hides his real failure in life as a man. Harry is impotent. At least impotent in any normal sexual setting. And yet, there is a tenderness between husband and wife that has survived this often shattering problem. For Harry can "buy" potency. By buying people. Girls . . . players in an evil operetta without music. His game. The pleasure game!

Of the two young women who alight from the Rolls, ZELDA is the spokeswoman, the aggressor. The other girl, SHIRLEY, is a deaf-mute who speaks only with her eyes. That evening at supper, Harry toasts the group and the weekend before them. Even then allowing his fantasy to begin by stripping them all naked in his mind's eye.

The next morning, David and Jenny explore the wooded hills where their playful antics lead to a passionate encounter that finds Jenny willing but David unable to play his part. Unknowingly, like father, like son.

At the house, the game has begun. Harry has driven away on a pretext, only to sneak back unseen. The two girls take their pleasure together in their room, high on the effects of pot. Afterwards, they share a shower and then separate, each following an unwritten script. Shirley seeks out Robert in his room and silently offers herself to him in a scene of wanton sexual abandonment. Downstairs, Zelda has found Susan in a mood of depression and frustration. Her efforts to comfort produce an arousal in Susan that strips away all inhibitions. Susan accepts a marijuana cigarette and is quickly caught up in the excitement of the kisses and caresses that Zelda showers upon her.

And Harry is watching! Watching the two girls together, and then separately with Robert and with Susan. Watching through hidden peepholes into each bedroom. Watching~1iis son and Jenny, who have returned to her room. Watching as Jenny, understanding of David's failure, willingly experiments until she draws him from his shell and raises him to newfound manhood. And Harry is watching the tender climax of this innocent love, and watching the others in their practiced perversions. Absorbing their passion, infolding their pleasure, steeping in the headiness of their gratification, until their fulfillment is his.. . alone, with his eye pressed to his peepholes of pleasure.

Except for David and Jenny, the players know the game. Robert and Shirley and Zelda. And Susan. She's played the game before, and she'll play the game again. With different players, but for a reason. For her marriage. For her husband. For Harry. . . and his pleasure game.

Item Details:
1-Sheet 27x41 single-sided folded

The Pleasure Game

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CAST of "The Pleasure Game"

Jenny ...................... Leah James
David ...................... William Borsella
Robert ..................... Daniel Ades
Harry ...................... Victor Sandor
Susan ...................... Ann Staunton
Zelda ...................... Angela Martell
Shirley ..................... Erica Von Kessler

Credits for "The Pleasure Game"

Producer .......................... Joseph Feury
Director .......................... John Vittoli
Photographer ...................... Frank Murphy
Screenplay ........................ Chase Frank


RUNNING TIME: 78 minutes
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