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The Lonely Sex


A murder has been committed in the city park by a sex fiend, and the newspapers are full of accounts of the crime.

The first character we meet, Mutt Wyler. is an ominous obese figure with shifty eyes. In a frighteningly creepy scene, we see him outside the dressing room of a theatre. Furtively he watches through a spore in the window as sue of the showgirls removes her clothes. From the depraved expression on the man's fare as he watches the girl's innocent curves revealed, we wonder if he could be the sex fiend who murdered the girl in the park.

Mutt Wyler is a boarder in the house of on old friend, Doctor William Greene. Greene's daughter, a pretty young blonde named Annabelle, distrusts Wylee, and we begin to see why as the furtive Wyler's eyes seem to undress her as he engages her in apparently innocent conversation.

Later that day, Annabelle Greene and her "steady," Benjamin Brown, are frolicking near a stream is the country. The central character

of the film, known only as "The Man" appears. He watches them, hidden from a distance, then wonders off quietly. We learn more about him in the next scene. . . tortured by his past membership in a teenage vice club, he tells of his unhappy childhood, of the cruelty of his foster, the unconcern of his mother, and his desperate search for affection and understanding.

Later that night, as Annabelle is undressing in her room, Mutt Wilber suddenly bursts in just as she is unhooking her bra. Hastily she tries to pull her blouse around her nakedness, while Wylec's greedy eyes admire her. He claims that he had mistaken her room foe his, hot it is obvious that his "peeping Tom" instincts forced him to adopt this flimsy pretext.

Later that night, we see "The Man" in the lonely shuck which he calls his home. As he listens to a radio program, his mind wonders bock to the frustrated passions of his youth. Idly he draws on a piece of paper, but his twisted mind forces his hand to trace a nude woman . . . in a frenzy, he smashes the radio, and falls into a tortured sleep; during the night his mind recoils a scene of the day before, and we learn that he is the murderer.

In a scene of passionate power we see him following a lone girl and offering hero flower; when she laughs at the ghoul, his mind snapped he chokes her. In desperation, he writes HELP on a wall with her lipstick, and runs screaming into the night. The next morning, he meets Annabelle Greene by chance in the park. The poor girl is frightened by his strange expression and, when she tries to run away, he pursues her. She falls, unconscious from a glance blow, and he carries her to his shack. As she awakens, he tries to converse with her . . . she realizes that she is trapped, and makes resistance. Through some quirk of his crazed mind, he decides to leave her. He locks the door, leaving her imprisoned.

Like a frightened animal, "The Man" goes to his police for help. He asks her to let him spend the night there. Although she does not know' he committed a murder, she nevertheless refuses his request, saying that he has been pursued by the police before.

Trying desperately to the only other person he knows, "The Man" follows the address given an a calling cord in Annabelle's diary, and goes to Dr. Geeen's house. With the instinct of a trained physician, Dr. Greene soothes "The Man's" nerves, and tries to learn more about him. "The Man" then blurts out that he has imprisoned Dc. Greene's daughter. In a climactic chose sequence, "The Man" is pursued by the hypocrite Wyler, who, committing murder in the name of justice, shoots "The Man." In the end, we see the true hypocritical nature of Wyler, who watches a showgirl dancing while the fast music beats a jazz tempo in the background.

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The Lonely Sex

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