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Sexploitation » » Erotica » Grindhouse
The Liberated Woman

1970       Sandy Carey

Most married men have problems and ALEX is no exception. ALEX is married to BARBARA, a very beautiful woman who is also very friyid. One Sunday morning ALEX awakens and tries to make love to his wife. BARBARA complains that she is tired. ALEX pulls down the sheets and massages her buttocks in an attempt to arouse her but all he manages to arouse is her anger. She reminds him of her 'problem. ' ALEX determines °to cure her of her sexual hangup once and for all. He tries to forcibly rape her but she resists. lie vows to "teach her a lesson

ALEX decides to seek the advice of his neighbor, BURT, an ardent Orientalist and authority on the Hindu and Japanese love cultures. BURT is preoccupied with some meditational exercises so he invites ALEX in to have a drink and wait. ALEX pours himself a drink but is distracted by female giggles which soon subside to very erotic moans. His curiosity fully aroused, ALEX creeps upstairs. Peering into BURT'S bedroom, he

becomes a voyeur to the exciting scene of BURT making love to SANDY, an attractive student of Oriental philosophy.

Afterwards the three discuss ALEX'S problem and decide that a shock therapy treatment might be effective. They enlist the aid of MARIA, a sexploitation film actress who agrees to help ALEX liberate his wife. ALEX, MARIA and SANDY take BARBARA by surprise and tie her up. BARBARA is forced to watch ALEX enjoying sex with MARIA. Later, MARIA unties BARBARA, explaining that they are all trying to help her overcome her fear of sex. MARIA and BARBARA go over to the couch where they have a revealing and exploratory girl to girl relationship. ALEX watches avidly while being erotically massaged by SANDY.

But BARBARA still feels 'cheated' by her husband's infidelity. In retaliation, she agrees when MARIA takes her aside and offers to call her boyfriend JOHNNY, a really great lover who can surely cure her frigidity. Meanwhile, ALEX decides that his wife is now ready to make love. He approaches her and she ignores him. JOHNNY arrives on the scene ready for action. MARIA proudly pulls down his pants to reveal that her boyfriend possesses a sexual organ of almost unbelievable size. ALEX stares in stunned disbelief. BARBARA panics, runs upstairs and locks herself in the bathroom. MARIA occupies a concerned ALEX by introducing him to the French art while he prodigously proportioned JOHNNY rushes up and persuades BARBARA to open the door. Calming her fears, he tenderly and gently seduces her in the bathroom. For the first time in her life BARBARA enjoys the sexual act and her fears are dispelled. JOHNNY then explains to her that making love with someone she truly cares for -- like her husband ALEX -- is really the ultimately beautiful experience.

JOHNNY and MARIA leave. BARBARA showers and prepares herself for her husband only to find him exhausted by the day's exertions. He goes to sleep and BARBARA is left alone and fully aroused. Examining herself and her newly discovered sexuality she is unable to control herself. She finds a bottle to satisfy the burning craving within. Later she goes next door where her neighbor BURT is engaged in transcendental meditation with LINDA and RAMA. BARBARA reveals her guilt feelings about the day's events. BURT explains that her marriage had been in a dangerous state but now that she was liberated from her fear there was hope ALEX would now not have to go out and look for what had been denied him at home.

At ease now, and eager to learn more to please her husband, BARBARA joins the trio's meditation session, which gradually turns into an Oriental orgy of free sensual expression. ALEX storms in and angrily reproaches BARBARA for her behavior. But in a dramatic confrontation scene the two are reunited, perhaps even more strongly than before, by their mutual love...


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The Liberated Woman

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