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The Hot Month of August
Zestos minas Avgoustos

1969       Betty Aruaniti

Teaser Storyline for "Hot Month of August"

While aboard ship from Athens to his home in Throxsas, Jason Philippi meets Hope Linghens. Although they are attracted to each other, that evening Jason becomes involved with another woman. At the ship's bar Jason makes the acquaintance of Al Maharis, who appears to make his living entertaining lonely women. Maharis attempts to strike up a conversation with Alexis, a beautiful, young woman, who completely ignores him but is quite aware of Jason. Later that evening, after revealing her unhappy marriage and her need for physical companionship, Alexis and Jason are seen passionately making love.

After their arrival in Throxsas, Alexis suggests to Jason that her husband, Yarkos, might help him find a job. She arranges a meeting at their club that evening, where we find Maharis at a table nearby. After inviting Jason to spend the next day on his yacht, Yarkos asks Jason to accompany Alexis home. Yarkos then walks out to the garden where Maharis is waiting. Yarkos tells Maharis that he

no longer requires his services as he now has proof of Alexis' infidelity with Jason.

Later that night we learn that things are not as they seem. Jason, we discover, has fallen in love with Hope. As for Alexis, she is seen having a rendezvous with her real lover, who turns out to be Maharis, and their feelings for each other become apparent in a dramatic love scene. It appears that they are planning to murder Yarkos. A broken leg, sustained by Yarkos while on his yacht the following day, furnishes them with a perfect opportunity. The wheel chair in which Yarkos is confined can easily be pushed down the stairs. To suggest a robbery they plan to remove some jewelry from the house. When Jason comes to inquire about Yarkos' condition, Alexis asks him to meet her later that evening. This, she feels, will establish an alibi for that time she plans to kill Yarkos. Yarkos is seen watching them. Jason, however, tells Alexis that he will not meet her that night or any night. Hope is waiting for him in her bedroom and a scene follows showing them in rapt embrace.

After Jason refuses Alexis, Maharis enters the room. Yarkos, still listening overhears their plans. He attempts to call the police but the wires are cut. He finds a gun and waits for them to approach, at which time he fires repeatedly. Alexis is dead but Maharis, badly wounded, heads for the boat, where he has hidden the jewelry earlier that evening. He then collapses.

The police, after questioning Yarkos, charge Jason with the murder of Alexis. To prove his innocence, Hope, in the presence of her mother, vividly relates to the police (in flashback) the intimate details of the previous evening spent with Jason. The police captain remains unconvinced. The next day two children find Maharis in the boat. At the hospital he confesses.

With the police waiting, as his plane approaches the Athens airport, Yarkos realizes that it's all over. For Jason, as he leaves prison to find Hope eagerly waiting, it's just the beginning.

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The Hot Month of August

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CAST of "Hot Month of August"
Peter Fissoun
Betty Aruaniti
John Fertis
Vania Aksar

CREDITS for "Hot Month of August"
Story .............. Socrates Kapsaskis
Editor .............. Emil Habib
Music by .............. Music Sound Track
Prints by .............. Movielab, Inc.
Director of Photography ....... Demitri Papakos
Produced by .............. Danfilm
Director .............. Socrates Kapsaskis

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