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The Devil Inside Her

1970       Terri Hall

Teaser Storyline for "The Devil Insider Her"

Faith and her sister Hope, two beautiful farm girls, are virtual prisoners of their father, a religious fanatic. Joseph, a handsome farmhand is in love with Faith and convinces her that the only way to escape from her father's painful punishments is to run away with him.

Hope, secretly in love with Joseph, overhears his plans to elope with her sister and in her fury and despair cries out that she will trade her soul to possess the man she loves.

Deep in the woods the Devil appears and in a magical transformation assumes the likeness of Joseph and sexually attacks the innocent Faith. Next, in a demonic turnabout, he turns himself into a replica of Faith and in a scene of incredible erotic intensity seduces the confused but willing (and very able) Joseph.

Meanwhile, Hope, unaware that the Devil has heard her oath, visits a powerful witch who gives her a potent love potion and practical instruction in the art of making

love to a man. The witch transforms her pet parrot into a handsome young stud to assist in the lesson.

Later, alone in the forest, Hope drinks the potion, and the Devil appears to claim her soul. She, in a state of feverish elation thinks the demon is Joseph - and allows him to make love to her unaware that she will be forever possessed by an insatiable lust-never to achieve physical satisfaction. The Devil again changes his appearance, this time to that of Hope's father and continues to make love to her unaware that her real father is watching horrified from behind some trees.

Aware that he is witnessing the work of Satan, the Father rushes to help his daughter whereupon the Devil transforms himself into a rabid dog and attacks him. Wounded, he returns home and informs the still confused Joseph that they must seek out the Devil and destroy him.

Faith also returns home, heartbroken in her belief that it was the real Joseph who attacked her. She confides her sorrow to her timid mother who, after conducting a complete examination, discovers that her daughter's virginity is still intact. She concludes that the incident was the work of the Devil.

Joseph and the father construct crude crosses of wood and enter the forbidden depths of the forest in an attempt to seek out and destroy the Devil and his followers. As they approach the darkest part of the interior they hear the demonic shrieks and moans that signify the beginning of the terrifying ceremony of the Witches Sabbath.

In scenes of unbelievable realism, all aspects of the satanic orgy are shown in every detail. The Devil and his disciples revel in every physical act known to man and some combinations that could only have been conceived in Hell. The enormous group moves with a throbbing intensity toward a violent sensual explosion which will climax with a human sacrifice.

Joseph and the father arrive in time to save the helpless victim from her death on the altar of Hell and with their crosses are able to chase the Devil away and disperse his evil following.

Hope has become so overcome with demonic possession that her mortal being can no longer survive the lustful punishment inflicted on her body. She dies.

As Joseph and Faith are happily reunited, the father, admitting the error of his ways, tells his wife that Hope, tainted as she was by the blood of Hell, had to be buried in unhallowed ground ...
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Item Details:
1-Sheet 22x33 single-sided folded

The Devil Inside Her

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