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Swinging Sorority


Just how swinging does a sorority girl have to be?

Swinging Sorority shows you what really goes on behind the closed doors of a house inhabited only by women

As the story opens, it is homecoming weekend at a Northwestern college beginning with a traditional football game between their rival college and climaxing in the Sorority Prom.

TRISS, one of the topless coeds working her way through college at the Campus Tavern comes to work with her friend RICK and they disappear into her dressing room RICK whispers to TRISS that he wants to get something straight between them and when TRISS asks what he replies Well, it's called a hard on.

After the game, the college crowd comes to the Tavern to celebrate Two of TRISS' sorority sisters, KAREN and LYNN, are talking about pledging KAREN is having trouble with her grades LYNN says that she doesn't even have the money to buy a new dress for the prom KAREN tells LYNN that MARIO the local dope pusher can

help her Meanwhile, POOCHIE, the hero of the football game comes in and his fans go wild. Every coed on campus wants to make love to the fullback stud.

POOCHIE meets two of his fraternity brothers, FRED and RON, and they decide to use old plan B' to get themselves a Homecoming Queen Their eyes wander around the Tavern until they find a fun-loving blonde sorority girl, MARYBETH, and put their plan into action They tell her to come right over to the Gamma Delta Tau Fraternity house for an interview

Then MARYBETH arrives - she is greeted by MIKE, DAKOTA, RON FRED and POOCI-IIE, who are going to initiate her. ALL of them move into the bedroom and MARYBETH is fully initiated by each pf them on a pulsating waterbed of~ ecstasy. Later the excited and exhausted MARYBETH tells MRS. DICKY, the housemother, and the girls that she's the new Homecoming Queen. NORMA tells her that there hasn't been a homecoming queen on campus in five years and MARYDETH smugly remarks: "They've got one now~"

The next day LYNN goes to MARIO's apartment hoping to make a dope deal to get money for her Prom dress - When she arrives MARIO and JACKIE are in a nude embrace on the bed MARIO decides to front LYNN the grass, and then coaxes his new business partner into an erotic three-way of unbridled lust While L.YNN is doing business in bed, KAREN is taking care of her business - a biology exam

During the test PROFESSOR PETERS asks the worried KAREN if she wants to come by his night lab and discuss her poor marks - Karen says no and leaves GEORGIA is the only one left with PROF PETERS who proceeds to gently caress her thigh and ask how she's doing. PROF PETERS asks if she is familiar with the way mammals 1ike cats and horses reproduce; KAREN walks back in and catches them dogging it PROF PETERS tells the embarrassed KAREN that if she can keep a secret she gets A for the entire term, and GEORGIA is getting her A+ ! Later she sneaks into the sorority house and the two begin lovemaking. Meanwhile, the bookworm BLINKY hears them frolicking in an adjoining room and leaves her studies to peek through a curtain.

As night falls the girls are getting ready for the prom While most of the girls are showering, POOCHIE climbs through an open window and finds two girls dressing Afraid of losing their pledge pins if caught the girls take POOCHIE into the closet, strip him and tell him they're going to sex HIM up - but good.

Bookworm SLINKY has a blind date for the prom and NORMA is helping her dress. As NORMA brushes shy BLINKY's hair, she begins to seduce her sorority sister, her lips tenderly caressing SLINKY's neck. BLINKY backs away and NORMA finds a vibrator hidden under her pillow, which SLINKY explains is her FRIEND. NORMA says she's better and starts to hungrily kiss SLINKY's body. This time BLINKY returns her kisses as NORMA slowly and passionately moves down to BLINKY's throbbing loins...

Downstairs the dates arrive for the Prom. JIM comes to get NORMA, MIKE comes f or MARYBETH (the Homecoming Queen). , LYNN's date MONTE arrives, RON comes for MARYBETH, a disillusioned KAREN comes in to say that sorority life is not all it's cracked up to be and is leaving. RICK comes for his blind date BLINKY, POOCHIE comes for MARYBETH, and finally she comes in and sees her three stud dates. "Ooh, it's going to be fun" she squeals.

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Swinging Sorority

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