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Oddo Production Notes

Director Joe Davis began his new film Oddo with the simple premise that to look for reason in a madman's acts is absurd.

Once again, as in an earlier work "THE EVIL PLEASURE", he has chosen for his protagonist a man alienated from himself.

"I am in no way repeating myself", says Davis, "I could do 20 more films using alienation as a basic theme and still not cover the same ground. In Dick, the protagonist of Oddo I had a very complex character to define. A twenty year old slum kid, just back from the war, his moment of glory over, he tries to~ adjust to civilian life. As his pressures and conflicts increase, he withdraws, and thus his ruin follows".

"Whenever possible I have used subjective camera, thus the story unfolds as seen through Dick's eyes".

"I would like to have shot Oddo in one of the Wide Screen Processes. I envisioned giant close-ups of the madman's face, eyes, and hands on a

wide screen, unfortunately the producers were not prepared to go to the added expense."

"Aside from this the only other problem between producer and director, and I imagine it is one that plagues other exploitation film makers, was the one of sex."

"I have worked, in one capacity or another for three exploitation film producers, one thing they all had in common, was the fact that they were adamant on their ideas on how erotic material should be presented. You tell them over and over that a certain erotic scene lacks motivation, and what do you get back, they tell you to sit down with a pencil and motivate it. But they are the money boys, and so in the end you compromise and do it their way."

"In spite of this "Oddo'S eroticism" is a little slicker than what you will find in most American-made exploitation films. Such European features as "DIRTY GIRLS" and "THE ALLEY CATS" have influenced me insofar as the exploitation market is concerned. They present eroticism on an adult level, and thus in my opinion, their scenes are more daring. I have not copied their technique, but I have let it come to bear on my presentation of love scenes, etc."

"For instance Dick returns to find his girlfriend involved in a lesbian relationship. Everything that I have seen in the past that dealt with this particular abberation was badly done. It seemed to me that they wanted to show lesbianism, but did not have the guts to portray more than long, admiring glances or handholding between two girls."

"Dick kills his girlfriend, and I am sure he would not do it simply because he caught her holding another girl's hand. Instead he is driven to it by the fact that he catches them in the act and then is mocked by the girl. Good motivation in my opinion."

"For this sequence I had to use two Swedish girls: Nicki Holt and Brigitta Reim. Every American actress I have used in the past would not touch either part. Dick is brilliantly portrayed by a fine young actor named Martin Donley. And lest there be any doubt as to why I am so keen about Martin, I am presently living with a very lovely, young French girl."

"Another sequence has Dick involved with a prostitute, but unlike the cliche customer - prostitute relationship depicted in many exploitation films, Dick is not in the least aroused by her, what she does to excite him, is some of the best footage that I shot in Oddo."

"My next film will be "THE TEENY BOPPERS", the story of sixteen and seventeen year old girls who run away from home to live the existentialistic life. These girls are really wild! They will sleep with anyone who will put a roof over their heads."

"No, I don't know from first-hand experience. I am a bit of a coward when it comes to sixteen year olds."

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