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Mondo Cane
Parts 1 and 2


Scene Overview

In the town of Castellaneta, in the instep of the Italian boot, the blood of Rudolph Valentino (nee Guglielmi) flows in the veins of hundreds of his close and distant relatives. For thirty years the young men of Castellaneta have waited for Hollywood to "discover" among them the heir to the screen shiek's crown.

But the Valentino legend is already being perpetuated by Rossano Brazzi. When the Mister Muscles of Romance (Italian, of course) went to a large department store to order new shirts, hordes of predatory American females left their hero in his shorts after ripping "souvenirs" from his tanned frame.

The ladies are more direct on the archipelago of Trobriand, at the eastern tip of New Guinea. Here the women practice polyandry. There is no pretense about autograph-hunting and the first garment they tear off a captured male is not his shirt. Manhunting as a national sport has its analogous versions throughout the world. It's just played more sportily in Trobriand, in the open air and with

bare torsos.

The manhunt is practiced in the open air along the French Riviera, too, and - to all intents and purposes - with bare torsos.

In the heart of New Guinea, the kingdom of hunger, men who have eaten human flesh break the misery of a five-year fast to stuff themselves with primitively-executed pigs. (Barbecue recipe: a slight singe.) Hundreds of pigs, the only fortune accumulated in the long years of abstinence, are killed and devoured for three days and three nights. Then again the long fast.

We have seen that the savages of New Guinea give favorable treatment to their dogs. But only in America does devotion to dogs exceed the limits of the ordinary imagination. In the Pasadena pet cemetery which inspired the novel by Evelyn Waugh, there are elaborate headstones, floral tributes and luxurious caskets for late pet dogs, cats and rats. The little graves of the departed animals are kept well-watered with the tears of their celebrated masters and mistresses.

The gourmets in Tai Pehi, on the island of Formosa, choose the most appetizing puppy directly from one of the cages in a restaurant. It matters not if the dachshund or poodle is intelligent, friendly and faithful, only if the animal is tasty.

Like the Strasbourg geese, the most beautiful women of the tribe are shut up in narrow wooden cages on Tabar, main island of the Bismarck archipelago. Here they are stuffed with Tapioca until they weigh at least 265 pounds, then offered as wives to the ruler of the village.

To work off the excess poundage accumulated during her last marriage, the American woman slims down in one of the Vic Tanny gymnasiums to be alluring enough to land her next husband. The Tanny gyms are way stations in the American woman's endless journey around the marriage circuit.

It is more difficult to get fat in Hong Kong. The little district markets are crowded with customers for crocodile, toad, snake, turtle, green lizard, etc., at five cents a pound. The price seems excessive to two million starving Chinese.

Alight lunch costs around $20. at a New York restaurant where the bill of fare includes fried ants, stuffed beetles, butterfly eggs, roasted worms, rattlesnakes, water-rats, etc. Wealthy folks, in consideration of the rarity and excellence of the dishes, feel that the price is right.

No shopper is more finicky than a Malay in a Singapore snake mart. Since the Malay know his snakes, he carefully selects a reptile according to all the strict requirements for edibility: weight, length, color, age, condition of skin. Rejects (about 5O/o) are regularly shipped to America and Europe.

Faith in goodness is reflected by the annual parade in Cocullo, a village in the Abruzzi, when the image of Saint Domenico is carried in procession, with the faithful following it with their hands full of snakes. The legend is that the saint, with strength of love, once turned the snakes infesting the valleys into tame and non-poisonous creatures.

On Holy Friday in the village of Calabria, the flagellation of Christ is exalted in the rite of the "vattienti" who lacerate their legs with corks full of pieces of glass and run along sprinkling their blood on the streets.

Mouth-to-mouth respiration is the most interesting part of the life-saving experiment on Sydney's Manly Beach, where the "Girl Life Savers" (aged 16 to 20) celebrate the tenth year of their dedication to saving bodies. Statistics show that Australian boys have become increasingly careless, and must be dragged from the ocean by "Girl Life Savers" in an ever growing number.

The zoological world of Bikini atoll has suffered profound change since the last American atom bomb exploded in this zone ten years ago. Birds that usually stayed in their under-ground nests only long enough to hatch their eggs do not come out at all; even though a peril no longer exists, the instinct to survive by staying in their holes has been transmitted to successive generations. Fish that normally could live out of the water only briefly have learned to abandon the foul and radioactive ocean for many hours a day in the trees. Thousands of eggs that will never hatch cover the surface of the atoll. The sea turtle's sense of orientation has been destroyed by the atomic contamination. Tired and bewildered, instead of going towards the water, if struggles toward the interior of the island, where it will be killed by the sun and fatigue.

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Mondo Cane

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