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Love Hunger


Teaser Storyline for Love Hunger

Deep, twisted and dark are the emotions which are fused into raging passions under the hot nights of a steaming swamp.
Love Hunger tells the story of three desperate men who take refuge in the murky shadows of the Rio Grande River country. The men held up a bank, killed a guard and escaped with a large bag of money.
Now, silently fighting the currents upstream in a stolen boat, they find a shack owned by an old trapper, Pablo. Of the trio, Robert, is a decent young man, and he secretly hates his two companions. He got involved because of gambling debts.
The three convicts quarrel often about the loot, which their leader, Joe, has hidden somewhere near Pablo's shack.
One night, Robert wanders off into the swamp. He sees a magnificently lovely blonde girl, swimming nude in the river. He strips and dives in. Searching the river, he finds nothing. The girl, Mara, sees him looking for her, and she hides in the bushes, worried

that if he comes upon her nude in the moonlight, he might assault her. . . or worse.
The next night, Mex, who went to prison for the terrible sex slaying of a teenage girl, asks Pablo where they might find some women. Pablo tells them "The Legend of the Naked Flower".
The story (told in color) shows that one hundred years ago a rich family lived in the area. Their only daughter, a beautiful child, was coveted by the head gardener. The man, possessed by demons, one day tried to assault the child. He was caught and sent to a madhouse. Some years passed, and the girl grew up and married a young cavalry officer.

The morning after their wedding night, they drank deeply once again of each other's sensual offerings and went for a stroll in the magnificent grounds of the estate. Unknown to them, the gardener had escaped a few days before and made his way back to the mansion. The sight of the loving couple roused him to a frenzy and he attacked them. Crazed with desire, the gardener killed the husband.

The girl, was then raped by the gardener. On regaining consciousness she found her husband brutally murdered. Shamed by her rape, insane with grief, the girl ran to the river and jumped in .. . she never came up. Legend has it that on moonlit nights, she comes to the surface and searches for her husband.
Robert thinks about the girl he saw, and wonders whether she was imagination or reality.
The next night, he goes into the swamp again. This time he comes upon Mara, radiantly lovely and nude in the moonlight.
Robert and Mara talk and we find out that Mara lives as a virtual prisoner. She desperately wants the love and affection of a man.
The next day, Mex tries to get away after he finds the buried bag of money. Joe kills Mex and comes back to the shack with the money.
Robert meets Mara in the night, hypnotized by the spell of the moonlight, they strip and fall into each other's arms. Dawn is breaking when they finally promise to meet again the next night. Mara returns home and a troubled Robert returns to Pablo's shack.
The next night, Robert is waiting on the bank of the river, ready to swim across to Mara, when Joe comes up behind him and knocks him out. Joe swims across the river.
In the shack, Mara, thinking her father is still asleep, slips into her simple dress and leaves the house. Her father, follows her. He comes upon Joe and Mara runs away. Joe drowns Mara's father in a vicious fight and runs after her into the shack. Mara cowers against the wall. Joe reaches her and they struggle. He throws her aside and she is knocked out. In a raging passion he rips the dress off the girl. The sight of her lush body drives him into a frenzy and he buries his head against her. His hands probe her deepest feminine secrets.
Robert, who has regained consciousness rushes in and tears Joe away from the girl. There is a titanic battle as the two men try to kill each other. Joe, his mind always on the treasure waiting for him inside the shack, fights like a madman. His fingers get around Robert's throat. He squeezes. Harder and harder, the fingers become a steely garrot and Robert sees the harsh winds of death clouding his vision. His eyes bulge, and his tongue creeps out between his lips. Darkness begins to close in on him. Joe, elated, has visions of raping Mara into willful submission and he tries to finish off Robert. Suddenly the blast of a gun rips apart the night silence. Joe looks up with a shock. He slips over dead. Robert sucks in great draughts of air. Standing over him with a wry smile is Pablo.
The next morning, basking in the warmth of Pablo's blessing, Mara and Robert take the motorboat and speed down river where they hope to make a new life, free from the terrors of a life of crime.

Item Details:
Lobby Cards 11x14 single-sided

Love Hunger

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Libertad Leblanc
Hector Pelegrini
Mario Hmaya
Mario Casado
Luis Alarcon
Hector Carrion
Jill Robin
George Fosati
Nancy Arnold
Steve Hollister
Amelia Folcini
Rick Angeline
Albert Darcel
Carl Garcia

Production Coordinator ...................... Luis Cells
Assistant Camera .......................... Mort Segal
Production Assistant .......................... Arturo Frizzera
Make-Up .......................... Edith Bell
Dialog Recorded .......................... Titra Sound Corp.
Music Recorded .......................... Jerry Newman
Director Of Photography .......................... Juan Levagg~
Legend Of "The Naked Flower" .......... In Eastman Color
Music Composed And Conducted By ................ Ted Simon
Producer .......................... Emile Splitz
Screen Play .......................... Albert Dubois , Albert Diego
Dialog .......................... Jack Curtis
Director ................................ Albert Dubois
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