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Help Wanted Female


Help Wanted Female deals with two girls who will do anything for money. One of the girls JoJo, operates a run down Karate school by day and muggs traveling salesmen by night. JoJo's friend Luana is a $100 a night call girl who, because of the high cost of modern living, decides to raise her price to $200.

After Luana's arrival at the home of Mr. Gregory, a customer of long standing, she sees him take LSD on a sugar cube and listens to him talk of his sordid past. The audience remains totally unaware that all of his stories of sex and violence are purely imaginary.

Help Wanted Female is a put-on executed with stark realism. As Luana dances erotically for Mr. Gregory, we flash back into his wild tales. He talks of Barbara, his ex-girlfriend who became so jaded that she had to inflict and suffer physical pain in order to enjoy the sex act. As Greg continues telling..."To inflict pain for pleasure only lead to the inevitable....., to kill

for pleasure"0 Greg and Barbara search out Tina, a young, inexperienced high school student who dreams of becoming a model. Greg and Barbara pretend to be photographers and make Tina pose nude for them. In the midst of one of the poses, Tina is butchered. The two murderers bury the body and go to Barbara's house. Barbara finds she has really enjoyed the thrill killing. "Wouldn't it be kicks if we got caught....Yah,...... that would be real kicks too".

This statement does not set too well with Greg and as he sleeps, Barbara sneaks next door and seduces a young student. Greg wakes up and watches through a window. He pretends to be asleep when she returns to her second floor bedroom. Before Barbara knows what is happening, Greg slips a plastic bag over her head... bye-bye Barbara. Greg gets rid of Barbara's body by dismembering it, and stuffing all but the bones into the garbage disposal.

Luana is sure that Mr. Gregory must be putting her on. Sure, it's the LSD talking. She finishes her erotic dancing and tells him that it's pay-up time,. As Mr. Gregory is in the study making out a check, Luana discovers an object which has been wrapped in tinfoil and placed in the refrigerator. It looks suspiciously like a human head. Next to the refrigerator is a footlocker. Luana opens it and discovers large, bloody bones. There is a phone in the kitchen. She calls JoJo for help, but is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Mr. Gregory.

Terrified, Luana grabs a meat pounder, hits him over the head and flees to the Karate studio. Mr. Gregory quickly recovers from the blow and follows her.

At the studio, Luana tells her story to JoJo who calls the police. But Mr. Gregory arrives before they do. JoJo goes to the door confident that she can dispose of him in short order with a few Karate blows. She has finally met her match. By fighting dirty,

Mr. Gregory manages to land an uppercut which sends JoJo flying to the floor.

The police arrive and the whole put-on is revealed. The head in the refrigerator turns out to be cabbage, the bones are beef bones, and all the blood stains are iodine. Even the so called LSD is just plain sugar. The police leave after some words of warning, for everyone. In the mean-time, JoJo finds herself strongly attracted to Mr. Gregory.

She gives Luana the cold shoulder and makes arrangements to meet Greg at the Karate studio the following evening.

When Greg arrives, JoJo greets him in a strippers outfit and begins to move for him. At the climax of the dance, with her nude body swaying seductively, JoJo suddenly plunges a knife into Greg's chest. He wakes up screaming in bed with his nagging wife beside him. ~4e find that our story, which for the most part has been a put-on, is now also a dream. Greg shuffles into the kitchen, his wife continuing her steady tirade of complaints. In the kitchen, Greg remembers how it was in his dream. With a smile on his face, he picks up the knife used to butcher Tina. Happy that his nightmare has not been a total loss, Greg walks directly into the camera. The film ends with the silencing forever of a nagging wife.


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Help Wanted Female

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