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Hand Full of Diamonds

1975       Elizabeth Aubrey

In the dead of night, Mrs. Barrow, a young jet setter, discovers a phantom burglar robbing her home of the family jewels. She becomes fascinated with this young bandit and in the heat of the moment decides to seduce him. The next day she recalls a rape and robbery story to the police and to her friends. When telling the newspaper reporters of her experience she insists that there were more jewels the thief missed. The next night the thief returns to complete his clean-out of Mrs. Barrow's safe and a repeat amorous experience occurs just as she planned.

The following day both the insurance investigator, Judy, her fiancee, Robert, and a couple of Scotland Yard investigators are baffled. This is the sixth lover-bandit jewel robbery. Can nothing stop him? The young bandit continues his reign of larceny, much to the delight of his victims, the most recent of which dances for him nude, bedecked in diamonds and a pearly surprise tucked away inside her private hiding place.

One day Mr. Jaffe,

a rich publisher, visits his best writer, novelist Grant Henry, who pens thrillers . and who is also the lover-bandit by night. Jaffe fences the jewels Henry steals.

The latest catch is worth a fortune. As the victims pile up exhausted and broke, the Scotland Yard men are more and more preplexed.

Grant Henry attends his club and the members entice him to go to the wrestling matches with them. No, he's too tired. Yet, while his chums attend the wrestling matches, Henry is wrestling three out of four falls with one of their wives after emptying the family safe depository . much to her delight. Mother score for the mystery love-bandit.

The next day an out-of-work American actress, down on her luck, decides that publicity is the key to her career success plan. She calls the press and tells them a trumped up story about being raped and robbed at gunpoint by a lover-bandit. In fact, in her enthusiasm she says the was raped seven times in a single night. Grant Henry reads this audacious lie and the next night visits the young actress and makes her 'story' come true . seven times. He has revenged himself for her scandalous tale. Exhausted he staggers into the aims of the Scotland Yard team, drunk from a night out waiting for news of the next theft . the one they were supposed to be staking out! Too stoned to know who their comrade is, they take Grant to a strip club, from which he manages to 'escape' narrowly making it home.

Finally, at their wits' end, Judy and Robert decide to catch this young bandit who is costing the insurance company millions. Judy poses as a rich lady replete with jewels, and a black belt in karate, and waits for the visitor.

At home, Grant has misgivings about the publicized 'Emerald Necklace Heiress' and he tells his girlfriend-secretary Angie he smells a trap. Angie relaxes his mind and body with a dynamite vibrator massage and then prepares to make love to him, but the arrival of Jaffe fouls her plans. Jaffe wants that necklace. Grand decides to take a chance and snatch

Grant's attempt to steal the emeralds is thwarted when he is unmasked and captured by sly, able Judy, who is surprised to find it's Grant Henry who has been stuffing his pockets with jewels and his victims with. . himself. She ties him down and repeatedly makes love to him, falling for his charms in the process. Next morning she turns him in, promising to get him off with a very light sentence and marry him there-after. As Grant is hauled off to court, the Scotland Yard men disclose they have videotaped the entire night's activities. . which they watch back at the office, much to everyone's surprise.

Item Details:
Pressbook 12x17 single-sided folded

Hand Full of Diamonds

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