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Gutter Trash

1970       Candy Hammond

Teaser Storyline for Gutter Trash

Pussy Johnson, a former model, is in the New York State Penitentiary for Women where she has served 3 years of a 5 to 10 year sentence. She has a meeting with the prison psychiatrist and we flashback to her former life.

We first see Pussy in 1969 posing in the nude for photographer Bill Larch. It is hard to believe that this beautiful girl with a gorgeous figure could be the same one we met only a few scenes before, even though a few years have lapsed.

When Pussy iS through posing, she starts to tease Bill and gets him hot and bothered. He undresses and they really start making out when there is a knock on the door, which interrupts their session. The visitor is Stix, a lesbian, who is an old friend of Bill's. When she meets Pussy, she is attracted to her, but Bill tells her she is wasting her time because Pussy is straight. Bill and Stix discuss a party they

are planning for later on and Bill gives Stix money to get some pot, S.T.P., etc.

While they are talking Pussy decides to take a nap. Bill's partner, Marsh Thompson, comes in and when he learns Pussy is sleeping on the bed, he joins her. Before she quite realizes what is happening, and despite her attempts to fight him off, Marsh rapes her.

Stix goes to the pad of CooCoo Corbett, a drug user and pusher. who lives in the Village with his sex slave, a beautiful girl called Minky. CooCoo beats Minky unmercifully for some small grievance, but Stix gets him to stop. Stix also would like to have Minky as a sex partner and CooCoo is quite willing to let her, but Minky refuses. CooCoo is ready to force Minky but Stix doesn't want her that way. Stix buys the stuff and invites CooCoo and Minky to the party and leaves them to do their thing.

Pussy meets Nick, a clean cut chap who falls in love with her. They have a sizzling affair that goes on for several weeks. Nick proposes to Pussy but she turns him down. She wants to continue her affair with Nick but she doesn't want to give up her wild swinging times with Bill Larch and his gang. Nick leaves the country in disgust.

It is the night of Bill's party. Present are Bill's wife Sandra, Pussy, Stix, CooCoo, Minky, and a dozen friends and acquaintances. The party becomes an orgy and then degenerates into something worse with wife swapping, lesbianism, homosexuality and threesomes all part of of the scene. Sandra becomes very depressed from the S.T.P. and what is going on all around her. Finally she immolates herself and everyone is aghast.

We are back at the psychiatrist's office and Pussy tells how each of the people met a horrible fate. She sighs. "And to think - if I had accepted Nick, I would be a free and respectable woman today".

Item Details:

Gutter Trash

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CAST of Gutter Trash

PUSSY Candy Hammond
NICK Eddie Frackman
STIX Patti Dillon
COO COO Paul Eden
MINKY Susan Cassidy
BUNNY Neil Flanagan
BILL David Smith
SANDRA Suzanne Gilbert
LOUISE Zita Litvanas
MARSH Buddy Jarvis
LORRY Ada McAllister
DR Jesse Bigelow
MISS B Maya Reid
CHRIS Anthony Moscini

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