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Guess Who's Coming


Bob Rand doesn't have nightmares.. he lives them... After years of steadily plodding along as a director for filmed T.V. commercials, he suddenly realizes that his life has become a bore.. dull.. routine., unexciting. His wife has developed the age old condition of "having a headache" whenever Bob's glands begin to lubricate. His sex life has become an ex life. Of course the mere thinking of that re-awakens old desires and he makes the mistake of calling up an old girl friend just to have a chat.. His old friend "Penny" seems not to have changed at all because she can still have "relations" while talking on the phone, just like in the old days.. He wonders who it is who is "taking his place" and making all those exotic sounds on the other end of the line.. But it doesn't really matter only in that it reminds him once again of the good old days, and his mind starts to wander "along the horneyman's trail". As if things are not bad enough Bob's

boss "T.C." decides on that very same day to go into production of "Nudies. .Skin Flicks" arid if Bob wants to keep his job he will direct them. Bob fights valiantly to keep from becoming involved because he has moral reservations about the profession but in the end the financial pressure and the dull sameness about his home life convinces him to plunge ...

He is astounded by the sordid backstage lives of the people he is now forced to deal with.. The perverted.. over-sexed., fun at any price attitudes.. There is the dancer... a blonde stripper who can't seem to keep her clothes on whenever she hears music.... And the red-head with the face of an angel who is so shy she can't look at anyone without blushing but when she is alone goes mad with lust for her own body.... And there's the two lesbians who make love whenever and wherever it pleases them regardless of who is present.. And then there is Bob himself who looks into the mirror of life and sees himself becoming a carbon copy of all the bad he sees in others.... His job begins to disintegrate with the coming of the boss' son Danny, a smart-alec young fella who is supposed to take on the job as helper to Bob but is hell-bent to take on Bob's job, period...

His scruples begin to disintegrate when he has his first extra-marital affair, with Milly, his secretary with whom he has been, of course, like any other business man, carrying on a mild flirtation... The mildness finally turns to madness on the floor of the projection room where they had gone to screen pictures of other people eating the forbidden fruit... And of course there is a serpent present in this Eden too... Danny has witnessed the whole scene and will file it in his vicious mind for future references...

All things become easier the second time around.. The next "affair" is with the old friend "Penny".. Of course Bob convinces himself that he is only going to see her to talk about old times and maybe drink coffee like in the good old days but as usually happens the "cup" that was "tipped" did not contain coffee. How clever were Adam and Eve to have invented "that" position because it seems even today that the tree of knowledge is best climbed from a horizontal point of view....

While his animal needs were being satisfied by Penny, his life was being destroyed by Danny.. The kid had convinced his father that he could direct a film (Nudie) and he was in the process of doing so.. but he was not content with trying to take Bob's job, he wanted also to take his playthings.. As he had witnessed Bob's and Milly's "Flight Into Ecstacy" he too wanted. to "Fly United" so he cornered the girl in the deserted studio and indicated that he wanted to try his wings.. She would not play stewardess so he attempts a rape.. When she realizes that this kid is really demented and might kill her she agrees.. and removes the clothes that he had tried to rip off.. He then removes his and stands there in all his manly glory.. When she looks at him and sees the "Joy Stick" with which he intends to pilot their "flight" she breaks into hysterical laughter.. When he realizes the reason for the laugh he is of course destroyed and since no man could under those circumstances "get it up" or as they say could get "the plane off the ground" he is "washed out" fly no more, at least with her... He seems also to be grounded as a director too because a cute little blonde sex-pot he picked up in the park and promised to put into a movie turns out to be a 'Shy-Sally' and refuses to take off her clothes, at least not all of them, of course everyone knows that you can't make a nudie if no one is nude...

At this point Bob returns to the studio in a dejected state.. He is disgusted with himself because of all his weaknesses that now seem to be gathering strength and will, he knows, eventually be complete master of his destiny. Who knows what moment in life becomes the last chance; what minor incident becomes a major factor; what person becomes your salvation...?. How ironic that Bob's enemy was the match that exploded him into the "Moralistic orbit" that might save him . . . .

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Guess Who's Coming

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CAST of Guess Who's Coming

Bob O'Connell
Ellen Butler
Janine Kelly
Gail S. Sedrish
Melanie Anderson
Simone Renard
Brick Rhodes
Lance Canyon
Lorna Stewart
Dominique France
L. E. Laine

CREDITS for Guess Who's Coming

Cinematographer ................ Paul S. Pool
Film Editor ...................... J. Llatimer
Associate Producer ................ Frieda D. Public
Assistant Director .............. Rhoda Mandalay
Sound .......................... Audie O'Consol
Sets .......................... A. Carpenter
Props ........................ Bessie Mae Mucho

Written & Produced By ......... J. Llatimer & Jai Hais
Directed By .................... Jai Hais

Distributed By .............. Imperial Pictures Inc.

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