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Freudus Sexualis

1968       Mary Harrigan

Adam, a young man just out of the Army, returns to a farm his grandfather left him. He marries his childhood sweetheart, Eve, and they move right in after the wedding. Shy at first, they are moved to quick passion, as Adam awakens the latent desires in his young bride. Eve now discovers the delights in her husbandís body and her sexual appetites are now fully awakened. One day Adam meets Seth, a neighbor, rich and easy-going. Immediately, Sethís eyes slide over the young girlís figure, and he sizes her up. She ignores him, but he files her away in his mind for future reference. As Adam is inspecting a fence line near a stream one day, a girl in a sports car passes on the road nearby and throws him a provocative wave. She stops the car about a half mile down the road gets out and walks toward the stream. Curious, Adam follows. The girl is swimming nude, displaying her body provocatively. Adat~1 then sees Seth, wading in toward the girl. They

embrace, first playfully, then passionately. Finally, entwined fiercely together, they are carried slowly down the stream. As Adam watches, he remembers his wild affair with a French girl, when he was in the Army. Through his mindís eye, we see the two swimming, then making love by the side of a river. As Adam and Seth grow to be friends, Sethís passion for Eve grows and grows. One day Adam is working near the stream. He sees the girl, whose name is Jezebel, swimming naked. She laughs wantonly and beckons him to come in. After considering a moment, he dives in. They splash each other and frolic in the water. Eve, who has been walking in the field, comes upon them. She watches in horror, then stumbles blindly away. Seth, who has been working nearby, sees all this. He rushes to comfort Eve, then fumblingly tries to make love to her. She fends him off, then returns to the house. Meanwhile, Adam is having a twinge of conscience. He backs off from Jezebel and returns home. After a stormy scene, the young couple become reconciled and are happy again. The next afternoon, Adam goes to town for supplies. Eve idly wanders about the house, then decides to take a swim. dives in. She is polite and they swim about together, Seth playing with her, trying to arouse her passion. He can see she is excited. Eve, upset, starts to leave. Seth begs her to stay, then follows her down the shady path. He grabs her and begins to kiss her. She tries to break free. This excites Seth more. He throws her to the ground and begins ripping off her bathing suit. She screams. Adam, arriving back at the farm, notices that Eveís bathing suit is gone and starts for the stream. The husky Seth, almost insane now, is savagely raping the moaning gh-l. Seeing Adam coming, he flees. Adam, coming upon them, stands shock still for a moment, then with a bellow of rage snatches up an axe and chases Seth, finally cornering him. The two men grapple and Seth tries to escape. But with murderous fury, Adam brings the axe down on his head and kills him. Adam sinks to the ground, horrified, staring dazed, first at the dead man and then at his wife huddled in the grass, as dusk slowly falls about them. Running Time: 73 Minutes Click here for more

Item Details:
Stills 8x10 single-sided

Freudus Sexualis

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