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Dingle Dangle

1969       Barbara Allison

Our story opens on Mr. Moore's receptionist inviting us to watch this eventful day. She receives her morning paper from Freddy, her paper boy. Freddy, we find out at this point, is really the boyfriend of the receptionist's boss' daughter, Cindy. The plot thickens. Our receptionist is a very kind and giving soul so she invites Freddy to a few lessons in the art of making love. We fade out on the receptionist and young Freddy to the home of Mr. Moore, her boss, and his lovely family consisting of his wife and teenage daughter, Cindy. Mrs. Moore is just awakening and feeling quite passionate. She arouses her sleepy husband. After some resistance on his part they begin to make love. We cut to Cindy, their daughter, awakening. She takes after her mother-passionate. She is playing with herself and her little teddy bear.

We now introduce Mr. Moore's secretary. She is the kind of woman who never gets enough. We find her making it with some unknown man, both to us and to

her. The Moores are having breakfast. Cindy and her mother are having an argument about the fact that Cindy is topless in front of her father. Mr. Moore can't take the hassle and leaves. As we see everyone going to work titles and credits are rolled. We are now at Moore Talent Agency. Wc establish at this point that Mr. Moore is a very successful talent agent. A prospective client enters, fills out an application while talking to our friendly receptionist. However, we find out that he is really the new insurance salesman for the Moores trying to sell Mr. Moore a new policy. Mr. Moore has taken his hot secretary into his office for dictation. Before you know it Mr. Moore and the secretary are making it. Meanwhile the receptionist and the insurance salesman are really getting it on in a most humorous fashion. The receptionist is trying to keep her cool on the phone with an important client while she is being made.

As the day draws to a close we find everyone making their plans for the evening. Cindy and Freddy are setting up a party for the evening. Mrs. Moore has made an appointment after dinner with the insurance agent discussing a new policy. Meanwhile Mr. Moore is just leaving the office after a long day hoping to have a quiet night at home watching his best clients' tv show Dingle Dangle.

His receptionist and secretary begin to relate to each other. They realize that they are both lesbians. They gently make love. When Mr. Moore gets home he hears the bad news that the insurance agent is coming over. He wants to watch Din gle Dangle and tells his wife to take care of Mr. Whitting. Mrs. Moore becomes angry at his lack of interest. Cindy's party has started in the backyard. It seems to be turning into the hottest wiennieroast in town. Mr. Whitting has just arrived. He begins to discuss the new insurance policy. Soon they find that it is more interesting discussing themselves. Mrs. Moore leads him into her bedroom. We cut to Mr. Moore laughing at the very funny TV show Dingle Dangle unaware of what his wife and daughter are doing. Mr. Whitting and Mrs. Moore are really enjoying each other. Mrs. Moore shows him her husband's invention, a sex rotator. She mounts the rotator at the same time as she is mounting Mr. Whitting. The machine begins to rotate and everything is delightful until the rotator shorts out and she gets an electrical shock so strong that she can't let it go. . . .

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Dingle Dangle

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Barbara Allison
Lisa Grant
Bunny Brody

Ed Sanders
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