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It is early morning. A young, pretty girl is looking out of the window of her apartment. She is moody. She slowly begins to take her nightgown off and dress for the day. She leaves the apartment, and buys a paper. She leafs through it, slowly, and then her eyes are caught by an ad: "Peter is giving the greatest party ever tonight. You all know the address."

We meet Elliot, a fairly conservative newspaper reporter. He has been ;assigned by his paper to go to this particular party. His paper is writing a series of articles on the Swinging Generation, and Peter's parties are famous throughout the city for harbouring the swingingest of the swingers.

We see all sorts of types of people walking, running, riding to the party Elliot and Ronnie, a very hip reporter, arrive and enter Peter, the host, greets them effusively He offers Candy to every-one Elliot looks askance Candy' He is amused Ronnie digs the meaning of the Candy and everyone except Elliot has some

Ronnie tells Elliot that the only way to dig this party is to get into the minds of all the people there It doesn't matter what's going on - on the surface.

So, to prove his point, Ronnie points out a young, pretty girl, Toni, who is taIking to her husband in one corner of the brightly colored room "You'd think she'd be happily married, wouldn't you" Ronnie says But forget it Something wild is going on in her mind And Ronnie holds up his camera and begins snapping pictures of the girl.

And we see Toni, daydreaming Suddenly she is in the middle of a private fantasy She is in a bedroom A young blond girl approaches her. They both remove their clothes and make love.

Back at the party We hear the click noises of the camera arid see Toni, a sensuous smile on her lips as she remembers her love fantasy Suddenly there is the sound of breaking glass and we see that Toni, in her passion, has crushed her drinking glass in her hand, and blood is running down her arm.

The Guru, dressed in ceremonial robes, is perched on pillows, preaching to an audience which consists of a young Qiri, a teeny-bopper, who is digging everything the guru says She is also obviously sexually attracted to him, and the Guru, although trying to avoid it, is getting closer and closer to her Aftec preaching his mystical language, he points out a young-man, Jody, who has been staring at the girl She turns around, sees him, shrugs him off, and tells the guru that she had once made it with him The guru doesn't understand She tries to explain Jody had made it with her once, and that was enough.

And we go into a flashback of the one time Jody had made love to the teeny-bopper Jody and the girl are in his apartment He is nervous, offering her a drink We realize that he is a virgin and she is not only very experienced, but very anxious to continue her experiences with Furri She gently teaches him how to make love to her, and he enjoys her Instruction.

Back at the party Jody is still looking at her, perhaps trying to regain her attention, so that they may have another episode She sticks her tongue out at him and pulls the guru down on the pillows.

Elliot, by now, flying pretty high on the Candy, has seen the whole sexual episode through the camera He is horrified at the sexual excitement But somehow, he can't help himself He must see more.

Elliot continues snapping the camera. They are in a hippy pad and are making love The guy looks up and gets the attention of a girl who is still at the party and who is very bored She sees what's going on, and smiles Suddenly she is there at the hippy pad She and the hippy guy tie the hippy girl down to the bed and then the two of them make love, with the hippy girl, really a very straight, nice chick, watching and crying.

Elliot has seen enough, and is highly upset, flushed and sweating He decides to leave But his way-to the door is blocked by a group of people sitting on the floor Among them is a sophisticated blond She reaches out her hand to him, and suddenly all the other people have disappeared He is in the middle of his own fantasy. They make love, tenderly and passionately However, their lovemaking is interrupted by hands feeling his body He looks up -and to his horror all the girIs from the previous sequences are sitting around him, nude. They are running their hands over his body, smiling and laughing at his horror. He struggles to his feet and runs out of the door He passes Peter and Ronnie who are taking quietly, Peter calls out to Elliot, "Are you having a good time". Elliot, far away in his own private freak out, doesn't answer Peter shrugs, Elliot must be having a bad. trip Ronnie- agrees Peter says, "I don't understand why I mean, this is just an ordinary party. It must have been something he ate" And we see all the people at the party, talking, drinking soft drinks laughing, dancing It is just an ordinary party . . . .

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