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Call Girls of Frankfurt


Frankfurt. A west German city. Symbol of an economic miracle. Often-cited sink of iniquity. Playground of the rich, the forgotten, the satiated and the insatiable. Second home of thousands of imported foreign workers. Headquarters of American forces. Traffic centre for all international air lines - the busiest airport in central Europe.

March 30, 1966, two hours after midnight. Convulsed on the costly carpet before her canopied bed, playgirl and luxury prostitute Vera Paterny is bleeding to death. Stabbed by an unknown killer. On the famous and notorious Kaiserstrasse night life is in full swing.

A few hours later, pleasant young Peter Seitz leaves the night express from Vienna and takes a taxi from the main station straight to the apartment of Vera, his fiancee. He is surprised to find the apartment door wide open. Seconds later he discovers the scantily clad, mutilated body. Shaking with fear and horror, he turns to flee, but in the doorway he collides with an athletically built man. Alphonse Tewes, Vera's ex-lover and feared, cynical boss of

a prostitute's "protection" ring. He immediately grasps. the situation and hits out. The unequal fight is brief. The big man wins.

Peter Seitz begins to stutter his story. He got to know Vera in Vienna. She called herself a fashion manager. Love at first sight, followed by engagement and joint plans for the future. With inherited money Vera planned to establish a small but sound firm. She often visited Peter in Vienna, but always managed to prevent him visiting her in Frankfort.

Peter only realized this when a school friend, Harry Schimek from Frankfort, explained things. The statement that Vera was a notorious prostitute brought him a slap in the face from Peter. Plagued by doubts, Peter bought a ticket for Frankfort:

Alphonse does not know whether to believe the story or not. But he knows the affair can be unpleasant for him. The best thing is to disappear. He forces Peter to leave the apartment with him as quickly as possible. Both of them overlook the fact that Peter's case is left in Vera's apartment.

Alphonse takes the confused Peter back to the station and advises him to leave Frankfort. Afterwards the king of the pimps goes to the "Blue Monkey" to arrange an alibi with Sonia, one of his best employees. Several bank notes change hands.

Peter does not got to Vienno, but to his friend Harry. And jumps out of the frying pan into the fire. For the smart young man is the organizer of a call-girl ring, Alphonse's competitor, and has no desire to get mixed up in the affair. He turns Peter away and immediately notifies the homicide squad.

The first interrogations at the scene of the crime. Greek workers, the milkman, the limping janitor, neighbours, the van driver of a dry-cleaning shop - Dieter Lorenz. Peter's case is found. He himself is arrested when he reappears at the scene.

Inspector Reinisch, who is charge of the investigations, makes scarcely any headway. Sonia, Vera's "colleague", tells of wild sex parties held by the murdered girl. She mentions names. Rudolf Nickel, an industrialist, a wealthy homosexual, a native American, a morphium addict. And Zerling, a photographer. He used the risque party photographs to blackmail rich party guests.

A bitter struggle breaks out between the rival vice rings of Tewes and Schimek. Strong-arm men go into action. The victims are the "ladies". They are beaten, forcibly stripped, have paint thrown over them. Their hair is cut off. When the men indulge in a streel fight, the police intervenes. Harry is injured, but is pulled out of the line of fire by Alphonse. Faced with the police they are suddenly allies.

After Vera's death, Zerling sorts his negatives and discovers repeated pictures of a strange guest. He gets suspicious. He suspects Nickel. The two arrange a meeting in the park. When Nickel arrives, it is too late. The photographer is lying stabbed under a bush.

After this murder, Alphonse fears further trouble for his organization and starts an underworld hunt for the murderer. The crook detectives are not exactly gentle - but successful. They discover that Dieter Lorenz, the dry-cleaner's driver, is the wanted man. But he is able to escape. Pursued by Alphonse and his men. The chase takes them over railway lines. . . .

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Call Girls of Frankfurt

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Vera Tschechowa
Sabine Ruckert
Barbara Valentin
Fritz Tillmann
Marisa Fiori
Walter Kohut
Erik Schumann
Wolfried Lier
Richard Munch
Walter Breuer

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