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All the Way Down


Motion Pictures like life itself seek their own appeal. It is through this uniqueness of appeal that one of the most sought after experiences ever filmed has been captured in All the Way Down.

Cindy - caught in a syndrome of sexual narcissism and repulsion

Joe - the defiant czar of the sunset strip: would he take her into the vortex of erotic consummation and through a door of depravity?

For the motion picture experience of a decade - let the producers of this bizarre spectacle take you-All the Way Down.

The sunset strip is legendary for nourishing one of the largest arrays of sexual aberrations found in contemporary society. All the Way Down is the most sensual film ever exhibited in the united states-even if you can't play the film now you must order the trailer. Synopsis topless the newest entertainment craze to sweep the country. Also the cheapest. All the girls have to have is a natural endowment and the ability to dance a little.

Hundreds of

small clubs sprang up to get in on the bonanza. Each club is its own little kingdom with its own little caesars. This is the story of the Strip Tip Club, and its czar Joe.

The success of the Strip Tip Club depended on featuring the off beat type of girls that seemed to promise a little more in the way of the exotic to the customer. It was Joe's job to find the right kind of chicks for the customer and the boss. It wasn't a hard job to take at first. A chance to play big shot and lover boy. It's not really an unusual role on the fantasy world of strip row after dark.

The girls were putty in his hands - he dressed them and he undressed them. Sandra and Billie were the feature attractions at the club. They really laid on with the bizarre bit, a sado-masochistic lesbian dance that you wouldn't believe. They knew how to make the customers squirm. Sandra and Billie really lived that bizarre bit and liked each other offstage as well as on.

Joe found that these chicks were really broad minded though and they always made room for him. THINGS STARTED GOING WRONG ONE NIGHT WHEN Sandra and Billie didn't show and the club was completely sold out. Joe talked to the boss and he said that if Joe didn't come up with something original he was out of a job. JOE HAD NO TIME TO FIND A PROFESSIONAL, let alone train her. So he picked Cindy, the bar girl. Cindy was no angel, but she had principles about showing herself to the general public. Joe started to work on those principles in the only way he knew.

After a passionate love scene on the pool table it turned out she would do it for him. The poor kid was stuck on Joe and he hadn't really noticed it. Of course Joe promised Cindy she could do her number wearing her top, but as she entered from off stage he spun her off balance and ripped her bra off.

Cindy was a game kid, and after a few beats she began to synchronize with the music. The customers loved it. Then something clicked; she began to really be proud of her fabulous body she'd kept hidden for so long. "Even the boss who never noticed anything that didn't have a dollar sign dug little Cindy's dance." It wasn't long before the customers were coming to the club just to see our new star.

Our off stage relationship had developed into quite a romance. Joe spent almost every afternoon in Cindy's apartment. In the next few months Cindy really worked to polish her new act.

The introduction of her new belly dance routine made Cindy the unquestioned star of the Strip Tip Club.

Cindy's getting all the attention didn't sit so well with Joe's former stars, Sandra and Billie. They figured Joe had betrayed them and they planned to do something nasty about it.

The night the whole thing blew up was one of our busiest. Joe had busted in to find an ugly little scene, but he had also made a prime mistake when he turned his back on the lesbian tiger cats. They were setting up a nice little show just for him. They told Joe that they knew what Cindy was: a wide eyed little narcissus. They told Joe that they knew just how to fix her so she would never have any use for him again, for that matter, any man.. Joe had never realized just how much he cared for that chick until it was too late.

A VIOLENT SCENE ENDED IN BITTERNESS AND FRUSTRATED PASSION. Joe was sent up for six months for. marijuana cigarettes and the Strip Tip Club had its license temporarily suspended. WHEN JOE GOT OUT OF JAIL he tried to make a comeback but the boss had him blacklisted from working every club in the city. Even his beer money wasn't welcome. BUT ONCE HE had tasted the fantasy life of strip row after dark, there was no where to go but. . . All the Way Down..

Item Details:
Pressbook 12x14 single-sided folded

All the Way Down

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