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Omega Man

1971       Charlton Heston

Rosalind Cash Co-Stars in "The Omega Man"
The world of fantasy is, as they say, always with us. Quite a few of us, in fact, have probably dreamt of being the only man and only girl on Earth, especially if he's tall and handsome and she's young and pretty.
Well, it comes true for Charlton Heston and Rosalind Cash in Warner Bros.' science-fiction film "The Omega Man".
The 6'2" Academy Award-winning actor plays a medical researcher who thinks he is the only person to have survived a plague touched off by germ warfare until he spots Miss Cash.
Rosalind Cash is a 5'7", 120 lb. beautiful black actress who Heston is introducing to the screen as his co-star in 'The Omega Man." She plays one of a few young people who have also survived the biological onslaught.
In addition to the healthy survivors of the plague, there is a group of grotesque survivors who call themselves The Family. They blame their plight on modern technology and see Heston as the last manifestation of

it. To prevent The Family from killing him, Heston has barricaded himself in an apartment where, until he finds Miss Cash, he has been maintaining his sanity by playing chess with a statue of Julius Caesar.
Miss Cash provides him with the first human companionship he has had since the holocaust. They fall in love and entertain themselves royally with the best food and drink which they take from the city's unmanned stores.
"The Omega Man" is based on the popular novel by Richard Matheson, with a screenplay by John William and Joyce H. Corrington. Boris Sagal directed the Technicolor and Panavision film which is a Walter Seltzer Production for Warner Bros. The leaders of The Family are played by Tony Zerbe and Lincoln Kilpatrick. Paul Koslo plays one of the voune survivors.
Gone are the days when Chariton Heston's neighbors in Beverly Hills would see him pacing in his garden in a coat of mail or a toga rehearsing lines for an epic film.
Heston who is usually seen in costume or uniform, stars in "The Omega Man," opening next at the Theatre, a film in which he wears a shirt and trousers.

"The Omega Man" is set in 1975 after world-wide germ warfare has killed almost all of the Earth's population. Heston portrays a research scientist who thinks that he is the only man to have survived unscathed.

"The most extreme situations seem likelier if you make them seem as real as possible," Heston observes. This is exactly what he does in "The Omega Man," which is based on a popular novel by Richard Matheson.

"Because this man is dressed as we are," Heston points out, "we can identify more easily with the nightmare reality with which he must cope." In his struggle to survive, the character Heston plays becomes a monumental figure~ the incarnation of man fighting to survive in a hostile world.

The film was directed by Boris Sagal from a screenplay by John William and Joyce. H. Corrington. The Technicolor and Panavision film is a Walter Seltzer production for Warner Bros. Other members of the cast include Tony Zerbe, Paul Koslo and Lincoln Kilpatrick.

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Omega Man

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Cast of "The Omega Man"

Charlton Heston .......................... Neville
Anthony Zerbe .......................... Matthias
Rosalind Cash .......................... Lisa
Paul Koslo .......................... Dutch
Lincoln Kilpatrick .......................... Zachary
Eric .......................... Laneuville Richie
Jil Giraldi .......................... tile Girl
Anna Aries .......................... Woman in Cemetery Crypt
Brian Tochi .......................... Tommy

Family Members

DeVeren Bookwalter
John Dierkes
Monika Henreid
Linda Redfearn
Forrest Wood

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