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The Crawling Hand

1963       Sirry Steffen

Teaser Storyline for "THE CRAWLING HAND"

An astronaut, Mel Lockhardt, is lost in space on his return from the Moon. It is feared by scientists Steve Curan (Peter Breck) and "Doc" Weitzberg (Kent Taylor) that the astronaut is doomed having gone without oxygen for 20 minutes. While grieving at the loss, suddenly, they hear his voice scream viciously "It makes me kill, kill !" They contact him on the closed-circuit TV, horror-stricken at his transformation. He begs them to destroy him as he is seized by a mysterious transformation. Reluctantly, "Doe" presses the red button and witnesses the violent, yet merciful explosion in outer space.

The next day, two college students Paul Lawrence (Rod Lauren) and Marta Farnstrom (Sirry Steffen) have a date on a California Beach. Playfully racing along the waves, Marta makes a gruesome discovery - a dismembered arm in a spacesuit sleeve. Paul swears Marta to secrecy, coming back at night to retrieve it. He hides it on a shelf in Mrs. Hotchkiss' (Arline Judge) rooming house. The arm

comes to life, twitching convulsively and creeps upstairs into Mrs. Hotchkiss' bed. In a suspenseful terror-fraught scene, the menacing arm finds its first victim! The struggle awakens Paul, who finds her body. Alone in the house, he immediately calls the sheriff (Alan Hale). Suspicious of Paul, the sheriff sends fingerprints to headquarters for identification. Paul frantically tries to find the arm. While searching, the crawling hand attacks him viciously, choking him into unconsciousness. Aroused by the siren of the ambulance, the arm slinks out of sight. Paul is taken away with the victim. Regaining consciousness, he finds himself next to the wide-eyed corpse and escapes.

In Washington, D.C., Steve and Doe hit upon a theory that rockets contain not only human life, but the elements needed for a new being - a terrifying mixture of earth and the unknown - a life which could literally ooze into a human. They learn it was Lockhardt's fingerprints on the victim and they rush to Calif., knowing their theory has horrifying substance.

Paul begins to bear the effects of a terrifying transformation for he is evidently possessed by the weird spacelife. His moments of sanity grow shorter.

When the scientists arrive, he tries frantically to seek their aid, to reveal his secret, when suddenly he becomes possessed again - a white-faced, death-eyed creature, and he tries to kill them. They escape to alert the sheriff. Regaining partial normalcy, Paul rushes to Marta's, trying to explain. He becomes possessed by the demonic lust to kill and begins to strangle her. In a moment of lucidity, he wrenches away, leaps through the window, leaving her screaming hysterically.

Once home, he is confronted with the arm. He traps it in the car trunk and races off, pursued by the sheriff. The arm claws through the trunk as he pulls into an eerie car dump. A violent fight ensues. Using his last ounce of strength, Paul hurls the hand from his neck. It is pounced upon by a pack of starving, half-wild cats. They savagely tear and devour the bleeding flesh. Paul is rescued in time and assured by Doe and Steve that the menace will not possess or torment him again. Unknown to them, however, curious guards, accompanying a locked box to Washington open it to discover its secret which the end of the movie reveals.

Item Details:
1-Sheet 27x41 single-sided folded

The Crawling Hand

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A Joseph F. Robertson Production
Peter Breck
Kent Taylor
Rod Lauren
Alan Hale
Allison Hayes
Introducing "the Sex Iceberg" Sirry Steffen
Arline Judge
Richard Arlen

Screenplay by .................. Herbert L. Strock and William Edelson
Story by ........................ Robert Young and Joseph Granston
Directedby ...................... HerbertL.Strock
Produced by ................... Joseph F. Robertson
Director of Photography ........ Willard Van der Veer
Film Editor ..................... Herbert L. Strock
Black and white
running time 89 minutes 1:85 ratio
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