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Friday the 13th Part VII


Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood

Production Information

Trapped and in chains at the bottom of Crystal Lake, the macabre killer Jason is waiting to be freed.

Tina Shepard is a teenager who has a gift. She can make things move without touching them. Sometimes she sees things before they happen. At Crystal Lake Tina has visions of campers being gruesomely murdered. After accidentally setting Jason free with her telekinesis, she will need all of her powers just to stay alive. When Jason encounters Tina, he faces someone who can destroy him. Will VII prove to be Jason's unlucky number?

"Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood" is a Paramount Pictures presentation of a Friday Four, Inc. production. The latest chapter in the hit horror movie series featuring the infamous Jason was produced by lain Paterson and stars Lar Park Lincoln, Kevin Blair, Susan Blu and Terry Kiser. John Carl Buechler ("Troll," "Cellar Dweller") directed the movie from a screenplay written by Daryl Haney and

Manuel Fidello.

"Jason has practically become an irresistible force of nature," director John Carl Buechler declares. "When he's coming at you there's no natural way of stopping him, so we have evoked the supernatural."

"We've created sequences where Tina battles Jason with her psychokinetic powers, making objects move through the air," producer lain Paterson states. "Tina creates fires, blows floors open, causes a house to explode, a pier to collapse -- Jason now faces someone able to seriously hurt him."

"In addition to that," Buechler adds, "we have a new and unique look for Jason. After all, he has been chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake for years as our story opens."

When asked to comment about the series' success, Buechler replies that the main reason is the popularity of Jason. "For Jason there is no right or wrong, simply the act. Jason has evolved in the movies. He has been taken from being a young boy into adulthood, through death and back again."

Lar Park Lincoln ("House II," "Princess Academy") plays Tina. She prepared for the role by doing research and interviewing doctors and psychics. "I learned what it's like to experience a vision," she says. The filmmakers designed Tina's visions to not be at random and, as with real-life accounts, each is based on a connection Tina makes with someone or a belonging related to the person in her vision. "When Tina sees a vision of a murder, the viewer also sees it and then later experiences the actual killing, which is very scary because not only do you see the murder twice, you know it's going to happen," Park Lincoln relates.

Daryl Haney, who wrote the screenplay for the movie with Manuel Fidello, comments that "The challenge was in trying to make it the best film in the series. I wrote about the things that scare me and tried to introduce more subtle aspects of horror. The

inspiration for one scene was the idea that there could be a person in the room with you when you didn't see anyone enter -- that is frighten ."

Mechanical and make-up special effects in "Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood" are more elaborate than those of previous movies in the series. Make-up special effects were provided by MNI (Mechanical and Make-up Imageries), which contributed effects to Sheena Easton's rock video "Telephone" and such movies as "The Re- animator" and "Ghoulies." Mechanical effects are by Image Engineering, Inc., a company with over 25 motion picture credits, including "The Serpent and the Rainbow" and "The Hitcher."

Producer Iain Paterson identifies another reason for the series' popularity is that the movies always have a hero or heroine that viewers identify with and root for to overcome Jason. Also, there are occasionally human villains in the movies that moviegoers like to see reach their end, such as the revenge-crazed Mrs. Voorhees (portrayed by Betsy Palmer) in the first film.

"In this movie we have a wonderful new villain in the character of Dr. Crews," Buechler says.

"He's Tina's self-serving doctor who's interested in exploiting her powers for the sake of furthering his own career," Paterson adds.

Terry Kiser, who portrays Dr. Crews, comments, "People are going to be rooting for Jason to get this guy."

Item Details:
1-Sheet 27x41 single-sided rolled

Friday the 13th Part VII

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Paramount Pictures Presents

A Friday Four, Inc. Production

Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood

A John Carl Buechler Film


Lar Park Lincoln
Kevin Blair
Susan Blu
Terry Kiser

Music By Harry Manfredini And Fred Mollin

Written By Daryl Haney And Manuel Fidello

Produced By Lain Paterson

Directed By John Carl Buechler
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