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Dracula vs Frankenstein

1971       Lon Chaney

In an old, old graveyard at Midnight, Count Dracula digs up what remains of an ancient grave. Weird moonlight reveals a coffin and in it, bound in rusty chains - The FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER! The caretaker comes upon the scene to investigate and Dracula attacks him, sinking his sharp fangs into the man's neck. Near an amusement park by the beach, a young girl (Joan) walks into the foggy mist by the shore. She breathes heavily and feels the presence of the hulk hunting her. Groton, the Mad Zombie is following her on the beach and his sharp ax is ready. He attacks Joan with one swift sweep of the ax and her head is severed from its body. Joan's sister Judith starts to look for her and contacts Sgt. Martin of the Missing Persons Bureau. Count Dracula discovers that Dr. Frankenstein is running a "House of Horrors" at the amusement pier and using the name of "Durea". This Horror Museum is a cover for his secret labs where Frankenstein's Zombie - Groton, and evil

dwarf, Grazbo bring the girls who are the victims of the ax attacks. Frankenstein has been using the girls' bodies to create his "blood serum". This serum Dr. Frankenstein believes to have the power of rejuvenation for his own aged body and the bodies of his "helpers". Dracula confronts Dr. Frankenstein and explains that he has need of the "blood serum" to extend his waking hours into the daytime. And, he tells the Doctor, "I have the remains of the original Frankenstein Monster and you will help me revive him!" Old Dr. Frankenstein still has his original "high voltage" electronic lab equipment in one of his hidden lab rooms and he is fascinated by the thought of bringing the Monster back to life. Dracula and Dr. Frankenstein have the body of the Monster set up on a long lab table and connected to the Sparking, Crackling Electronic lab machines. The Monster begins to move. The sinister pair see success ahead as the Monster raises his head up on the giant operating table. The first victim scheduled is Dr. Beaumont, who discredited Dr. Frankenstein years earlier. Dracula confronts Beaumont in his car and leads the Doctor to a spot where the Monster is waiting. The Monster grabs the Doctor and crushes his body to pieces. This is the start of a "reign of terror" that Dracula begins to create with the aid of his almost 8 foot tall creature. In her search for her sister, Judith meets a writer, Mike, who goes with her to help. The pair visit the amusement pier's "House of Horrors" and meet Dr. "Durea", who pretends no knowledge of Judith's missing sister, when in reality the sister is now a member of the "living dead" in Dr. Frankenstein's glass coffin lined dungeon. Dr. Frankenstein and Count Dracula, in their experiments with "blood serum" need new victims to supply blood. So, both GrotonThe Mad Zombie and the Frankenstein Monster are sent out to do their evil deeds by night - when the unsuspecting are easy prey for these inhuman fiends. While investigating the amusement pier, Mike discovers Groton's secret entrance to Dr. Frankenstein's lab. He decides to enter and finds himself in the dungeon that leads to the lab. Judith follows Mike and the pair are stopped by Dr. Frankenstein, who directs Groton to attack them. In the course of the savage fight, Groton takes after Judith and Mike pursues Dr. Frankenstein, who escaped in the darkness to his "Horror Chamber" exhibit room. Unable to see where he is going, Dr. Frankenstein fires his gun at Mike and loses his balance, falling into the Guillotine on display and decapitating himself. Judith being chased by Groton, has climbed up to the roof of the "House of Horrors" where she is spotted by Sgt. Martin and the police arriving on the scene. As Groton hinges toward her Sgt. Martin fires and Groton falls off the roof after being hit by Martin's shot. Groton's mangled body lies on the pavement - dead! Click here for more

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1-Sheet 27x41

Dracula vs Frankenstein

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